Our business is built from more than our 30 years of experience in the car repair, body works and service and maintenance industry. We are pleased to introduce to you a Car Rental and Limousine company, Connect4Car Pte Ltd.

We have been in the Automotive Business since 1940. Our 1st generation workshop was located in Queen Street in Singapore. We are the 3rd generation of entrepreneurs still evolving in this industry. We started from a humble background of welding and transit to modification to car repair, body works to car rental and now to fleet management.


To tap on the advancement of hardware & software architecture, and combination of the convenience of the internet and brick & mortar vehicle business. To provide the best and quality service to our customers.



Our Values (CID)

  • Caring

    We care about our customers and the cars. We aim to provide our customers with the best service and a fleet of cars in tip-top condition for the smoothest rides. A happy customer makes a loyal customer.

  • Integrity

    All our directors and team of staff uphold a high standard of honesty and truthfulness in dealing with our suppliers, partners and customers. We value long term business relationship and believe in word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Dedication

    We are dedicated to offering quality work and service. We are willing to make an additional efforts to cater to our customers’ needs to win their royalty and trust in our business.